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What it is:
I balance my life by taking as good care of myself as I take of my family, my friends and my work.
I treat myself the way I would like other people to treat me.
I stop, look and listen.
I take one minute for myself a few times every day to stop and ask, “IS THERE A BETTER WAY FOR ME TO TAKE CARE OF ME RIGHT NOW?”
I realise that I have the answer within me.  I am quiet and listen to the wisdom of my best self.  I wait for it.
I discover what is best and I usually do it.
I give to myself and I receive from myself.
I am happier.
Why it works:
When I take as good care of myself as I take of others I am happier.  Because the better I take care of myself the less angry I am with myself and others.  And the more loving I become.
Source:  Originally taken from  One-Minute Manager Audiotape of the same name.  See the Spencer Johnson book – http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/88180.One_Minute_For_Yourself

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