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Sometimes I am bemused by coincidences.  Having announced two days ago that I will be steeping down from my present job early next year, I was attracted to a brief mention of a blog post I would ordinarily have missed.  But, a post by The Savvy Intern by YouTern jumped out at me – a reminder that we should not fear rule your life or career.

Was it a coincidence?  I doubt it.  More likely the post had passed my sight, but I remained unconscious to it until this time when I was “prepared” for it.  

Some people are often described as lucky, because they “get the breaks” before others, or “they always seem to be in the right place at the right time”.  That’s not the way it happens – more often than not they will have been reflecting on what is happening around them, they will have thought deeply about what they want to do, and to achieve, they are looking for the breaks – so they see the opportunities more clearly and quicker than others.  That’s the essence of luck…been prepared so you can see the opportunities.  Are you ready?

And the blog itself…..  here is a snippet.

What fears are holding you back from going after the job or life, that you want? Being more concerned with what other people think about our choices or our actions, is strange – why would someone else’s internal thoughts be more important than honoring our own desires? It sounds odd when laid out like that, huh?

Read the full post here, it is good: Don’t Let Fear Rule your Life and Career   

I understand that Melissa Anzman (@mellymelanz) is the author of the post.  She has a great website on redefining your career.  Go and have a look at Loosen Your White Collar. Fall in Love with your Job (Again)  

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